Check status on payment

After successfully initiating a payment, you will receive a response with the ID of the payment and the status of the payment. The status returned will always be PendingProcessing, unless the payment information provided is invalid, in which case the status returned will be Rejected. The PendingProcessing response is a validation that Banking Circle has received the payment and that it has been sent to processing in our systems. To check the status of a payment, you can either call our payments status endpoints or sign up for our notifications subscription service

Payment status

How to look up the status of a payment will depend on whether the initial payment submitted via the Single Payment API or the Bulk Payment API. Payments initiated via the Bulk Payments API can also be looked up via the Single Payments API, but require some more steps as explained below.

For Single Payments

To get the status of a single payment, use the endpoint api/v1/payments/singles/{payment-id}/status with the ID of the payment received as response to the payment initiation.

Example of the request URL for Single Payment Status Retrieval:

The response contains the status of the payment and no other parameters:

  "status": "Processed"

For Bulk Payments

To get the overall status of a bulk payment, use the endpoint api/v1/payments/bulks/{payment-bulk-id}/status with the ID of the payment received as response to the payment initiation.

Example of the request URL for Payment Bulk Status Retrieval:

The response contains the status of the payment bulk and no other parameters:

  "status": "Processed"

The status returned is the aggregated status of all payments in the bulk. This means that in case 51% of payments has been processed, the returned status will be processed.

To read a more detailed overview of the bulk status, use the api/v1/payments/bulks/{payment-bulk-id} endpoint. Using this endpoint will return general information about the bulk and an overview of the statuses for the payments within the bulk:

  "paymentBulkId": "f3822099-8316-4487-bceb-32c5e89352de",
  "concurrencyToken": "1638789624",
  "status": "Approved",
  "instructedDate": "2021-12-06T00:00:00+00:00",
  "paymentStatistics": {
    "processed": 232,
    "pendingProcessing": 0,
    "rejected": 0,
    "missingFunding": 0,
    "cancelled": 0,
    "pendingApproval": 0,
    "pendingSca": 0,
    "scaDeclined": 0,
    "scaExpired": 0,
    "declinedByApprover": 0,
    "total": 232,
    "aggregatedAmount": 274933

Individual payments submitted via a Bulk Payments API can also be found via the Single Payment API. You can use the api/v1/payments/singles endpoint to search for payments based on status or another parameter.

Payment statuses

Payment StatusDescription
ProcessedPayment has been successfully processed. This is a final state for the payment and means that the payment has passed all validation checks and has been sent to the receiver.
PendingProcessingPayment is waiting to be processed.
MissingFundingPayment has not been processed due to insufficient funding on debtor account. Payment will stay in MissingFunding and automatically be processed when the account is funded. If the account is not funded in 10 days, the payment will be Rejected.
RejectedPayment has been rejected. See below for possible rejection reasons.
CancelledPayment has been cancelled by your company.
ReversedPayment has been rejected by the payment scheme.
ReturnedPayment has been returned by the receiver’s financial institution. Read about returned payment reasons here. Returned is not an actual state, as the payment will be processed, but will be returned as an incoming payment.

Reasons for rejection

A payment is either rejected because it has been in MissingFunding for 10 days, or because one or more of the fields has been populated with an invalid value. A payment can be rejected up front or after it has hit our core system. You can look up the rejection reason by using the GET /api/v1/payments/singles or GET /api/v1/payments/singles/{payment-id} endpoint to look up the payment and read the rejection reason.

Below is an example of the returned data for the two endpoints. The rejection reason can be found in the “errors” field.

  "paymentId": "690a72db-aa73-4d48-974b-7b26abdcd164",
  "transactionReference": "TRANS221122323",
  "concurrencyToken": "1638789624",
  "classification": "Outgoing",
  "status": "Rejected",
  "errors": "InvalidAccountFormat",
  "lastChangedTimestamp": "2021-12-04T11:20:24.4550414+00:00",
  "debtorInformation": {
    "paymentBulkId": null,
    "accountId": "2b5e1669-57b6-48ac-9506-e61a58f19e72",
    "account": {
      "account": "EUR33226473",
      "financialInstitution": "INST88339944",
      "country": "ES"
    "vibanId": null,
    "viban": {
      "account": "DKK77338844",
      "financialInstitution": "INST88339944",
      "country": "ES"
    "instructedDate": null,
    "debitAmount": {
      "currency": "EUR",
      "amount": 266
    "debitValueDate": "2021-12-06T00:00:00+00:00",
    "fxRate": null,
    "instruction": null
  "transfer": {
    "debtorAccount": null,
    "debtorName": null,
    "debtorAddress": null,
    "amount": {
      "currency": "USD",
      "amount": 244
    "valueDate": null,
    "chargeBearer": null,
    "remittanceInformation": null,
    "creditorAccount": null,
    "creditorName": null,
    "creditorAddress": null
  "creditorInformation": {
    "accountId": "afd128ed-be84-4c7c-abe3-a08531bbf9cf",
    "account": {
      "account": "EUR33226473",
      "financialInstitution": "INST88339944",
      "country": "ES"
    "vibanId": null,
    "viban": {
      "account": "DKK77338844",
      "financialInstitution": "INST88339944",
      "country": "ES"
    "creditAmount": {
      "currency": "EUR",
      "amount": 266
    "creditValueDate": "2021-12-06T00:00:00+00:00",
    "fxRate": null

To see the status of a rejected payment from a bulk, use the GET /api/v1/payments/singles endpoint and filter on PaymentBulkId and Status.

Below is a list of the possible rejection reasons, and an explanation for each. The list contains both upfront validation errors and processing errors.

Error codeError description
InvalidDebtorAccountYou do not have permission to access selected debtor account or debtor account does not exist
CreatePaymentWithAdhocCreditorPermissionViolationYou do not have permission to instruct payment with ad hoc creditor from selected debtor account
BulkPaymentCreatePermissionViolationYou do not have permission to instruct payment from selected debtor account
CreateOwnPaymentPermissionViolationYou do not have permission to instruct own payment from selected debtor account
CreateOutgoingPaymentPermissionViolationYou do not have permission to instruct outgoing payment from selected debtor account
MandatoryMissingMandatory field cannot be empty
InvalidAmountLengthNumber of characters exceeds maximum allowed length
InvalidAmountFormatAmount not formatted correctly
InvalidAmountPrecisionForCurrencyNumber of amount decimals not supported by amount currency
MaxEurThresholdViolationAmount exceeds maximum allowed value
MinEurThresholdViolationAmount below minimum allowed value
InvalidAmountZeroAmount cannot be zero
UserAmountLimitViolationOutgoing transfer amount exceeds threshold limit
InvalidCurrencyUnsupported or invalid currency
InvalidDateFormatDate format not supported
RequestedExecutionDateDaysInPastThresholdViolationRequested Execution Date exceeds allowed number of days in the past
RequestedExecutionDateDaysInFutureThresholdViolationRequested Execution Date exceeds allowed number of days in the future
InvalidIbanChecksumIBAN checksum is invalid
InvalidAccountFormatUnsupported account format
InvalidDebtorVibanRelationVIBAN cannot be found
InvalidBankingCircleAccountNot an account with Banking Circle
InvalidExternalAccountInvalid creditor account format, only IBAN allowed
InvalidTransferDebitAndCreditToSameAccountDebit and credit account cannot be the same
InvalidFinancialInstitutionInvalid BIC/clearing code format
ForbiddenTransferToCountryCreditor financial institution reside in country where Banking Circle cannot transfer funds
InvalidAccountAndFinancialInstitutionCombinationCombination of IBAN and financial institution is invalid
InvalidLengthNumber of characters exceeds maximum allowed length
InvalidChargeBearerUnsupported charge bearer
InvalidDebtorVibanVIBAN cannot be found
InvalidCharactersCPF field validation failed
ProcessingErrorError processing the payment
Identical file already uploaded once for this user.
Change the content of the file and try again
InvalidDebtorAccountCurrencyAmountCurrencyAndTransferCurrencyCombinationAmount currency must match either debtor account currency or transfer currency
ConflictingConfigurationTargeted debtor accounts have conflicting configuration
ForbiddenCurrencyToCountryThe chosen currency is forbidden to send to the country of the receiver.
InvalidCreditorIdentifierAndAdHocCreditorExclusivityCombinationCreditor ID field contains an invalid value. Error in creditor information
InvalidCreditorIdentifierCreditor ID field contains an invalid value. Creditor ID is the identifier for a stored beneficiary
NoApproversApproval required but no approvers exist
InvalidCsvMaximumNumberOfLinesNumber of lines (payments) above maximum allowed
InvalidCsvMinimumNumberOfLinesNumber of lines (payments) below minimum allowed
InvalidCsvFileSizeFile size exceeds allowed maximum
InvalidCsvFileExtensionUnsupported file extension
InvalidCsvPaymentLineLengthContent of single line (payment) exceeds maximum allowed length
InvalidCsvPaymentLineNumberOfFieldsNumber of fields (comma separated) does not match requirement
InvalidContentTypeContent Type is not supported