Requesting access tokens

In order to request data from Banking Circle via the API channel, you must first request an access token by following the steps outlined below.

We encourage API users to only request a new access token when required. You should only request a new access token if your previous access token has expired – this means that you should check the expiration time of any previous token before requesting a new one.

Implementation steps:

  • To authorize and get an access token for data requests, you should make a request to the Authorization endpoint GET /api/v1/authorizations/authorize
  • In the response body, you’ll find the following attributes: access_token (JsonWebToken) and expires_in (The token expires in 300 seconds). Store the access token and expires in values.
  • Check the expiration time of the token before every subsequent request,
    • If the token hasn’t expired (the data requests are less than 300 seconds apart), then use the previously stored token
    • If the token has expired, then follow the implementations steps from the beginning.