Response to errors

The API uses HTTP response codes for requests: 2xx codes for success, 4xx codes for endpoint specific errors concerning e.g. permissions, missing parameters or other failure(s), data errors and 5xx codes for internal server errors.

HTTP codeMeaningDescription
200OKRequest has been processed with success
201CreatedNew resource has been created
400Bad requestRequest is not correctly formulated. Goes for both Header, Query and Body. Verify the error description an properties.
401UnauthorizedThe request requires user authentication
403ForbiddenThe server understood the request, but is refusing it or the access is not allowed, i.e. if resource exists but calling user does not have rights to access it
404Not foundThere is no resource behind the URL, i.e. requesting data on an account that does not exist
412Precondition failedConcurrency token check failed – Header criteria “If-Match” (concurrency token) is no longer valid
413Payload too largeSize of request or response is too big and therefore rejected
415Unsupported media typeIncorrect media type provided in Request Header “Accept” parameter
500Internal server errorSomething unexpected happened on BC Connect side

400 Bad Request response returns a description of the specific error(s), and each return of a code 400 will contain a collection of errors with elements having properties as element number (which value in the csv), field index (the number of the filed), line index (the number of the line), etc. indicating where a rule was broken or what value is incorrect.

Single Payment initiation (JSON)

  • propertyName - Incorrect or invalid attribute
  • errorCode - Unique code
  • errorDescription - Error description message

Bulk Payment initiation (CSV)

  • findIndex - The field number as per Payment Bulk template documentation
  • elementIndex - The line number of the file (payment number) omitting empty lines. First line/payment has Element Index 1
  • errorCode - Unique code of the validation error
  • errorDescription - Error description message