API Sandbox

Banking Circle’s API sandbox is an environment designed to provide your company with a safe and simple tool to test our API against your application. The sandbox environment is not connected to any payment schemes. Instead, it mirrors the functionality of production with a rule-engine that defines the logic for the payment outcome. The sandbox allows you to test payments and reports through our API.

To begin using the sandbox, you’ll need to be authorized in order to get your certificates, username and passwords from the Banking Circle Client Services team here.


The authorization service for the sandbox environment is similar to that of the production environment. Click here for further information about authorization.


The Payment API allows you to manage payments as Single Payments or as Payment Bulks. For example, if your workflow or automation process is designed to initiate payments every 10 minutes and you would like them executed as soon as possible, you would choose Single Payment.

In other cases, you can choose to send payments in bulk, to initiate a collection of payments to be processed at the same time.

You can use the Payment id to look up the status of a payment. The API in the sandbox is connected to a mocked setup and is not connected to any payment schemes.

Transaction outcomes will depend on the currencies of the sender and receiver accounts, as shown below:

StatusCurrency Cross
Missing FundingEURDKK
Pending ProcessingDefault for any cross not specified in the other handlers

If you write beneficiary in the DebtorReference field the outcome of the payment will be based on the IBAN of the beneficiary account. The below table shows which IBANs will result in which status. Any other IBAN inserted will result in PendingProcessing.

IBAN or BBANStatus
GB73CITI18500817486545Missing Funding
18445566Missing Funding
FR7630004008970000349128205Missing Funding

Click here for an overview of payment instructions.


You can use the Report API to request any of the following reports, regardless of which channel you have used for payment instruction:

  • Reconciliation - Details of all account movements in the requested date range for reconciliation purposes
  • Rejection - Information on all rejected payments with rejection date on the requested date
  • Account Balance - The latest available balances for all accounts
  • Account Activity - All activity for a specific account in the requested date range

Please note that the balance field in your report(s) may display an incorrect amount at this time. We are working on solving this issue.

Click here for reporting instructions.