Accounts and balances

Get an overview of your accounts, balances and bookings

The Accounts API enables you to read and perform operations on your Banking Circle accounts.

Overview of endpoints:

GET/api/v1/accountsGet list of all accounts
GET/api/v1/accounts/{account-id}Get details of an account
GET/api/v1/accounts/{account-id}/balancesGet balances of an account
GET/api/v1/accounts/{account-id}/bookingsGet bookings of an account


To get an overview of your accounts and detailed information for each account, use the following endpoints: GET/api/v1/accounts/ and GET/api/v1/accounts/{account-id}. You can also filter the results based on parameters such as currency to locate specific accounts. These endpoints also provide metadata associated with your accounts, some are described below:

Company data: Your accounts are always linked to one of your onboarded companies. There are three different ways to represent a company: CompanyId, CompanyName and CompanyNumber, and these data points may be required for executing certain calls in other parts of our platform, such as FX trading and ordering virtual accounts.

"ownedByCompanyId": "2920e27e-b112-4b09-8ae6-c6f4aaacd3c7",  
"ownedByCompanyName": "ACME Industries Ltd",  
"ownedByCompanyNumber": "000012578"

IBANs: Your account can be associated with multiple IBANs. One of these IBANs serves as the 'default' and is listed as the account under accountIdentifiers. The full list of IBANs can be found under ibans. When you initiate a payment, Banking Circle selects the most optimal IBAN to maximize the chances of successful processing and minimize costs.

Consequently, the beneficiary of the payment may see a different IBAN than the one you used to initiate the payment. You can receive payments on any of the listed IBANs, allowing you to provide any of them to the remitter.

"accountIdentifiers": [  
    "account": "DK6289000049910085"
"ibans": [  


Can't find a specific account?

If you are unable to locate an account, it may be due to insufficient access privileges. Contact your Admin user to obtain the necessary access.

For opening and closing accounts, contact Banking Circle directly.


To view the balances of your accounts, call GET/api/v1/accounts/{account-id}/balances. The response will include two amounts: beginOfDayAmount and intraDayAmount. These amounts represent the balance changes since the beginning of the day. To obtain the current balance, sum these two amounts.

Alternatively, you can use the Balance report, which provides balances for all your accounts at the exact time of your request.


To retrieve the bookings, including both money outflows and inflows, of your accounts, use the GET/api/v1/accounts/{account-id}/bookings endpoint. You can match a booking with a payment by using either the bookingReference (corresponding to transactionReference in the Payments API) or the transactionId (corresponding to PaymentId in the Payments API).

Alternatively, you can utilize the Account activity report.